Our main product is PWGZ series spray dryer which is a tailor made product for every single client and able to qualify for FDA and GMP inspections. We also developed and designed several new equipments such as CLHX series flow-though oven with same high quality as PWGZ series spray dryer to meet the requirements from our clients.

Spray Dryer PWGZ Series
CLHX series Flow-though Oven

Spray dryer is a high usefulness equipment which produces powder from liquid material directly. It can produce 5-300μm spherical powder. Its greatest excellence is spray drying high concentrated materials with small equipment, large output and low energy expense.

Main applications

Medicine field: Spray drying and powdered producing sera, antibiotics, glucose, extractions from Chinese medicines and enzymes etc.
Food field: Spray drying and powdered producing coffee, milk, soy sauce, starch, egg yolk, egg white and fruit juice.>
Chemical industrial field: Spray drying and powdered producing dyestuffs, pesticides, surface activator, synthetic resin, pigments, synthetic detergents, auxiliaries etc.
New material field: Spray drying ceramic materials, magnetic granules, ferrite etc.


High efficiency: Spray drying and producing 5-300μm spherical powder with high speed. We can determine the technological condition of the spray material with shortest time and provide the reliable basis for industrialize.
High rate of recovery for spray materials: Comparing with the general equipment, the loss is small and the rate of recovery is high.
Simple operation: PWGZ series set temperature auto-control. Operation is simple.
Convenient to clean the small type equipment: All the tower top, drying chamber, cyclone and pipeline of the small type equipment can be disjoined. It is convenient to clean.
Can be made to order for special demand.

Main Clients

Zhejiang Zhenyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang University of Technology
Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd.
Yunnan Baiyao Group Co. Ltd. Wenshan Qihua
Yabang Group
Wuxi Fortune Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Microbase Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Tibet Hanses Tibetan Medicine Development Co. Ltd.
Soochow University
Shanghai Sunve Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Industrial Group Holdings Great Wall Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Shanghai Hualian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Orient Life Co., Ltd.
Masson Group Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Vocational &Technical College
Guilin Medical University
Guangdong Medi-World Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou Fuxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Fujian Fukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Bako Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
China Pharmaceutical University
Chaozhou Zerun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Changbaishan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.